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Welcome to the Watts Up community!

Glad you're here. We hope to grow a community around solar energy made up of our customers who have already gone solar sharing their experiences with those who are looking to learn. Have a PV system? We'll give you a "Verified" badge, and it doesn't matter if it was installed by Watts Up Solar LTD or not. 

Tom commented 2 days ago
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Consumption Monitoring
My personal feeling is that anyone considering purchasing a monitor should compare the Enphase CT Monitor to the much more powerful monitor available from Sense:
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March 22, 2020 New high for 2020 - 75.17 kWhs
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Since Mar. 27, 2019, our solar array has produced 8 megawatt-hours (or 8 million watt-hours) of energy. Yay! 😀
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