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Welcome to the Watts Up community!

Glad you're here. We hope to grow a community around solar energy made up of our customers who have already gone solar sharing their experiences with those who are looking to learn. Have a PV system? We'll give you a "Verified" badge, and it doesn't matter if it was installed by Watts Up Solar LTD or not. 


They are getting much faster with this now. Las inspector I saw said they expect to have them installed in under a week. Of course, our experience tells us it can be much longer. The good news is that if your meter is analog (i.e. with a disc) you ... (More)

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Regarding annual Production Numbers: As @ October 2018 billing: 3,588kWh Banked As @ October 2019 billing: 3,967kWh Banked 20x 285W panels / 250W Inverters 14x 325W panels / 250W Inverters Total NS Power billings to date for 2019: $210.75 Total Hea... (More)
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Just joined. I'm glad to be invited. Quick question. How has 2019 been so far compared to 2018?
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